Game on

As a leading company in performance testing and security for IT platforms, Computest breathes a unique company culture of friendship. Founded and grown by friends, Computest was facing the challenge to maintain its unique identity and at the same time prepare the company culture for further growth. With a recent acquisition of a respected digital security company, a variety of company identity & culture issues needed to be cleared.

We dived into the much atypical organisational identity with high levels of autonomy, and conducted interviews to sense what unites all employees, and to detect what makes the unique culture tangible and shareable. In collaboration with many different people within the organisation, we defined the foundations upon which employees shape the unique Computest culture, in the past, today and the future. More than a brand, we helped to position a whole company of smart, eager, playful people.

The new tagline ‘Game on’ expresses their thirst for becoming a leader in performance and testing. We apply an identity refreshment to the brand design, and implement them in their overall marketing, communications & sales tools. But also help them to reframe their brand architecture, portfolio strategy and naming conventions.

“ You did an excellent job - was also nice to see you three working together as a team. Happy we’ve chosen you for this very important exercise. This is a big step forward for Computest.”Clemens Riedl, Partner