energy belongs to all of us

As one of the leading energy providers in Belgium in an environment that is prone to change, was struggling to define their relevance and reasons for being in the market. The absence of a clear vision and mission withheld its employees to give a voice to their commitment and pride for the company.

By applying a refreshing inside-out approach, we grasped the company’s true DNA. We wrote a clear manifesto that captured the vision of the company on the ever evolving energy market. Driven by the belief that “energy belongs to all of us”, the new mission & vision are boosting pride amidst employees and bringing awareness and inspiration towards customers and other stakeholders.

“Bij zijn we zo enthousiast dat we te veel verhalen willen vertellen. Mad about you hielp ons om naar de kern van ons verhaal te gaan. Hun aanpak – met zachte hand als het kan en streng als het moet – werkte echt voor ons!”Barbara Janssens, Corporate Communication Director.