SD Worx

It's your move

SD Worx is an international expert in HR & Payroll services, with ambitious plans for the future. Though being a strong leader in the HR services market, SD Worx did not have a crisp and clear Employer Brand platform. The company wanted to improve its hiring strategy, at the same time unifying its freshly acquired international networks under one employer brand umbrella.

Mad about you was appointed to develop a new international Employer Brand strategy that brought the company DNA and culture to live across countries. The employer brand development also needed to streamline how the company presented itself to future employees in current and new markets.

We explored the SD Worx culture in various international branches through employee interviews. Supported with key insights related to SD Worx’ vast knowlegde, expertise & innovation, and hiring policies that evaluate attitude over skills, we lifted the human side of SD Worx. SD Worx is a company that teaches you how to fly, and then encourages you to go explore.

A creative alignment session with the management team led to a new Employer brand platform with a clear value proposition, brand story and tagline with a modular messaging platform. We supported the launch with a new Employer Brand movie and various communication & recruiting tools.

“In order to enhance our international ambition it was a real challenge to have, for the first time, an international SD Worx employer brand. The approach from mad about you was crucial for the success of our story.”Tony Swinnen, HR Talent & Development Specialist.

“We, the international SD Worx team and mad about you, started at the bottom. Interviewing the SD Worx employees in several countries and worked our way up to top management, in order to have a ‘true’ brand, aligned with corporate strategy. In the ‘It’s your move’ campaign, every country and the different stakeholders in- and outside SD Worx immediately recognized the message and felt really proud about the campaign and SD Worx.”Tony Swinnen, HR Talent & Development Specialist.