Global Delivery Solutions

In 2001, three of the largest postal providers in the world joined forces and Spring Global Mail was born. It soon established itself as the largest independent mail provider in the market before becoming fully part of the PostNL Group in 2013. Spring handles international deliveries across 190 countries and with offices in 13 countries they connect 3 continents.

Redefining a business, defining a culture
In the past years, Spring enjoyed rapid growth and gradually repositioned itself as a full service e-commerce partner, adapting to the changing market. The Spring brand however wasn’t following. And as a result, the brand no longer reflected what the company stands for, and why people should choose for Spring.

Now in 2015, Spring was facing the challenge to update its brand position, story and identity. The brand refreshment project involved 13 countries with Spring offices and a close collaboration with the Corporate Communications team of PostNL.

Getting close, being near
Next to studying the company’s roots and future ambitions, we performed an analysis of the insights from preliminary internal workshops and international competitive research, conducted specifically for this project.
Our team then conducted interviews with the various countries to grasp the contextual differences in which the brand operates. We spoke with clients as well to understand how they experience working with Spring and learn about the company’s competitive advantages.
Spring employees are driven by pride, especially when they can help the customer one step further and in different ways than expected. Spring’s autonomous culture fuels the entrepreneurial thinking.

The Change from Within
A critical workshop was conducted with the entire Central Management Team. Through specific questions we formulated, we successfully redefined the solution-oriented business they are in – a progression from its roots of being a mail only provider.
Secondly, the workshop also crystallised the company culture and the uniqueness of working with Spring.
Thirdly, we unveiled the innate Spring brand values and identity to sustain the new business proposition and culture.

Getting in Shape
We liberated Spring from its mail-oriented roots brand, and transformed it into a solution-oriented brand for the future.
The new tagline “Global Delivery Solutions” makes clear what Spring has to offer today and tomorrow. It clarifies the international context the company operates in, the business of cross border delivery, and their solution oriented approach.
The accompanying new visual identity evokes the new business strategy along with the unique culture that makes Spring stand out. Spring is strong in combining global know-how of various delivery networks with solid local expertise. Through proven personal commitment, people at Spring apply their creativity and knowledge to formulate reliable and clever solutions for all the challenges their clients are facing.

Spring Meets the New Spring
The brand was first launched internally on a Strategy Summit, with attendees of both Spring & PostNL Parcels International. The whole summit was organised around the 3 themes of the story platform.
A Brand Book was designed to introduce the new brand identity, story and values to all of the employees. The book was supported with a new brand movie, which brought the new Spring to life. All Summit participants received a brand starter kit to enable them to start living the brand.

Introducing the brand to the world
We help Spring with the implementation of the brand across its organisation and bring the identity to life in all the communication and marketing tools.

The end result? A refreshed brand with supporting values that fully represents Spring’s ambition and position: to be the company that listens, inspires and delivers.

Spring - brand strategy, positioning, vision & visual identity
Spring - brand strategy, vision & visual identity
“Thank you and well done with our new brand! As you could hopefully tell from the reaction of the Spring team from across the world, everyone loved it!” Mark Eldridge, Director Sales & Marketing.

Spring - brand strategy, vision & visual identity
Spring - brand strategy, positioning, visual identity
Spring - brand naming, branding programs
Spring - brand strategy, positioning, visual identity
“Everybody agrees that this is a wonderful job and we are all under the charm. The strong new identity is one we can really be proud of and is a real new source of inspiration and dynamism. This is fitting so much for a new start!"” Florence Joachin, Country Manager France