Real estate

A real estate development team was operating under 2 different entities, part heritage of the past, part operational reality. Both companies had different teams en management, who at times worked together, separately or even under each other’s name. Merging both companies under one brand seemed an obvious choice, however not without challenges.

Both operated in markets that used to be separated, though societal trends are nudging firmly towards mixed real estate development where commercial and residential locations are blended. Should one of the existing names prevail, or would a new one signal a new ambition? What is the impact?

Mad about you performed a strategic naming analysis rooted in brand strategy and reflecting the future ambitions of the company. Initial assumptions where set aside and room was given towards a new name. Mad about you also developed a complete new brand identity to support the launch of Zabra.

“Mad about you is er uitzonderlijk goed in geslaagd om verschillende visies van diverse directieleden te vertalen in een nieuwe naam, logo en identiteit van ons bedrijf.Mad about you kon de verschillende dynamieken sterk inschatten en deze goed vertalen in de vormgeving. We zijn dan ook heel tevreden met het eindresultaat.”Laurens Brantegem, Director Sales & Marketing Zabra Real Estate.