Are your people excited about their company?

How do they perceive the company culture? Do they understand and contribute to the bigger goal? How do they perceive the company values? And bottom line: are they true ambassadors of your company & brand?

To get an answer to these questions, mad about you developed an easy to use online survey. Our tool gives you clear & measurable insights on where your corporate & employer brand stands today, from the inside out.

For leaders in Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, HR and/or Marketing, the Brand Alignment Survey is a highly valuable tool to use as a 0 measurement to validate new communication initiatives.

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Why Brand Alignment matters

It’s pretty straightforward: when employees understand and believe in the purpose of their company, they are more engaged and perform better.

Often, however, lack of unity & clarity stands in the way of ambassadorship. That’s why this survey gives you a good indication on where your company stands in terms of brand alignment and employee engagement.

The 3 pillars for brand alignment

When can we say that people are aligned with your brand? When following conditions are fulfilled. In our brand alignment survey, we look at these 3 pillars:


People recognize what the company’s vision, purpose & values are and what they stand for.


People have an emotional connection with the company, based on responsibility, commitment and pride.


People enthusiastically spread the brand’s message and recommend it to others.

How it works

That’s pretty straightforward, too.
> We get together to get a good understanding of your company.
> We set up the survey, based on your input.
> The survey is conducted online. We guarantee anonymity.
> We analyse the results and give you a presentation with the key learnings.

Lead time: 2 weeks
Cost: depending on the number of employees and languages involved, prices can vary between 4.500 € and 12.000 €.