What Is Brand Architecture?

Simply put, brand architecture strategy, also known as brand portfolio strategy, is a system of structuring brand offerings to ensure optimal value over time:

  • From an external perspective, it ensures that target audiences understand the breadth and depth of the value you offer them.
  • From an internal perspective, it assigns relative values to different divisions and offerings based on customer associations.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sound Brand Architecture Strategy?

Brand architecture strategy will help you:

  • Manage the strategic aims of your brand to more effectively support business objectives.
  • Be designed from the outside in, organizing what you do in a way that your stakeholders will understand.
  • Work within your organizational structure, not necessarily mirror your structure.
  • Extend and transfer equity appropriately between the brands in your portfolio.
  • Decide in adding or eliminating brands based on their level of value.
  • Generate efficiencies in marketing and sales.
  • Communicate the relationships between what you do, how you do it and your value propositions.

It’s important to remember that leading global brands have a strong brand strategy founded on the uniqueness of each product or service and a well-defined brand architecture that provides clarity, leveraged brand equity and makes a meaningful connection with customers and stakeholders.