For those who never heard about KPNGB.

Imagine you are the 3th largest telecom provider of the country, with well-known consumer brands, but still nobody has ever heard of you. This is how we met KPNGB, aka KPN Group Belgium, the company behind the well-known BASE mobile brand.

The need for a transformational rebranding emerged, including brand story and visual identity. The struggle with its name was only one aspect. The almost anonymous company was looking to become better known, be more recognized, and to revive a once vibrant company culture. Over the course of just 3 months, we helped an imperceptible company transform into a lively brand, blending the best of its roots with its future ambitions.

And now for something completely different.

For starters, KPNGB was looking for a different name. We performed an analysis of how different that could be. Studying the company’s history, future business strategy, brand portfolio, and interviewing people old and new at the company, we outlined the strengths and weaknesses for the various naming options.

The considered direction was a name that uses the main consumer brand, while maintaining a corporate entity that secures wholesale business strategies.

When Company meets Culture

The company not only required a new name, it also needed to rebuild its company culture. Some core values were still lived, or needed a refreshment. Other old values had become obsolete, and new ones needed to be pulled on-board. During a workshop with the whole board we carefully put together the values that capture the company’s spirit. The new values & culture foundations were then made tangible in a carefully designed and evocative Manifesto.

“It took only a few meetings before the Mad About You team started speaking in terms of ‘us’ instead of ‘we and you’. BASE Company is the kind of company that puts things sharp, and that’s exactly what the May-team did with our new brand.”

Sofie Bockaert, Head of Corporate Communications

A new name, a new look.

Out of various options, a new name was born: BASE Company. The new name was the balanced choice to capitalize on the well-known consumer brand, whilst maintaining a corporate entity, and embed several of the new culture values.
The ‘company’ word however was loaded with an important human twist, i.e. as a fellowship: “You’re in good company with BASE Company.”
The new visual identity followed the earlier chosen balance, creating a new version of the known consumer brand logo, enriched with a humane, handwritten ‘Company’ underneath.

Ready to Rumble

The cheers that echoed at the internal brand launch confirmed that people finally had the brand they were longing for, the brand that helps them express what they stand for. What had gone, was back.
All employees were given a bold welcome pack, including a new reworked Manifesto for all, so everybody could contribute to the new brand culture with clear expectations.

Over the course of the following two years, we continued collaborating on a broad set of brand & communication projects, where we helped grow the BASE Company brand culture. Some of the larger projects included:

  • The announcement of the 4G network
  • Mobile Minds, the branding of the new ‘way of working’ program
  • Consulting on corporate and consumer brand management
  • Various inspiring movies to illustrate the company’s strategies

One thing we can truly say about BASE Company: they are great company.