mad about you. Experts in brand identity & company culture.

KanaalZ invited us to share our viewpoints on corporate purpose, brand identity, employer branding and company values. Things we’re quite mad about.

Discovering your relevance.

In order to create meaningful brands, companies need to know what they stand for and why they are relevant. Doing this excercise internally is often harder then it seems. Not only does it take need a good understanding of internal perceptions, expectations and ambitions, everyone within the company needs to stand behind one shared brand story.
That’s where we come in: starting from a moment of reflection, we work together to find your company’s true DNA, purpose and core values. That reflection shapes the foundation for the corporate identity and all its expressions.

We ensure that companies can position themselves better.

The basis of our collaboration is a strategic exercise based on our Pride model where we lay down the building blocks of the story, using a what, how and why question. It seems very simple and it actually is, but it does take time and attention.
50% of our work consists of listening. We have conversations with employees, customers, partners and management and let the story grow from the inside out. This way of working always allows us to get a thrilling deep dive into the soul of companies.

From reflection to creation.

We always start with a strategic process and that always leads to a creative process. That’s the beauty of our work, we deliver something tangible. That can range from a new corporate identity, an internal values campaign, employer branding campaigns, brand awareness, purpose or B2B campaigns.
For us, it’s very important to look for the ‘right’ creation and not necessarily for something that is trendy or sexy. ‘We go for love over looks’. This is why the strategic work is so important. The resulting story is our brief for the graphic design.

Our message to CEOs, CMOs & communication professionals:

Take the time to reflect on the essence of your brand and company. The most successful companies know what they stand for and why they are relevant.

– It brings clarity to the direction your company is going, and makes for clear decisions
– It builds connection across departments large and small
– It drives employee engagement
– It nurtures the most underrated emotion behind engagement: a sense of pride