Make a mark.

Ever since its foundation in 1871, Bank Degroof Petercam has always remained faithful to protect and grow the assets of its private and institutional clients. Degroof Petercam’s own growth was the perfect occasion for mad about you to help them define their employer brand strategy and to create a distinctive employer brand identity.

An employer brand is not only about attracting the right candidates, it’s also about defining a clear company culture that employees can take pride in. This aspect of ‘internal’ employer branding was ever so important for Degroof Petercam, that was still in search of its new company culture after the merger between Banque Degroof and Petercam a few years ago.

“I was very proud to see why and how Degroof Petercam makes the difference and makes it mark. Really impacting, well done.”

Philippe Masset, CEO

Do something meaningful

“Make a mark” is the result of our employer brand journey. With this campaign, we focus on the importance of doing something meaningful. As an employee at Degroof Petercam, you work in the ideal conditions to make a mark. There are plenty of opportunities to seize and you can really achieve something. As a financial institute, Degroof Petercam makes a mark on society by influencing its entrepreneurial networks to invest in the economy.

Bringing the inside out

To express this message, we show 5 intimate portraits of employees who explain how they make a mark. Their stories are visualised in unique fingerprints. Bringing the inside out and sharing true stories has a double effect: it reinforces pride within the company and at the same time inspires others to join Degroof Petercam.