A cool business requires a powerful identity

Greensea is a shipping company, specialized in refrigerated goods. What makes them special? They move the cargo directly from point A to point B, anywhere in the world, offering their clients a competitive advantage with a longer shelve life of the products.

The enthusiastic, no-nonsense team at Greensea asked mad about you to take a closer look at their brand story & visual identity and to improve it where possible. Their current tagline ‘moving fish forward’ didn’t really bring across the right message and visually, the logo was often misread.

After quite an overwhelming kick off session where we heard lots of adventurous stories -welcome to the world of shipping – we were invited to take a tour on one of Greensea’s reefer vessels. We could only just imagine what it would be like to live on this boat for months in a row, loading fish in the middle of the oceans and then delivering the cargo safely to places like Nigeria. Very impressive. Next, the whole team contributed to our PRIDE workshop where we lay the foundations of Greensea’s refreshed identity.

All of this resulted in a clear brand story, a new tagline ‘Carefree shipping’ and a matching visual identity. The new logo, colour palette and graphical elements express flexibility and solidity, positioning Greensea as the reliable partner that you can always count on.
Furthermore, with the integration of the tagline in the logo, the audience immediately understands what Greensea is all about: shipping and reliability.

Mad about you looked after the full implementation of the new identity and designed the website as part of the corporate communications of Greensea, a brand new, matching signboard for all their stakeholders.