Life is Sweet.

We got in touch with HARIBO Benelux because they were losing local focus and power of its iconic global brand. Symptoms? They received good ideas for advertising briefings, but couldn’t tell which was the most suitable. Sometimes an execution felt only almost good, but they were not able to judge what was missing.

Seizing happiness.

We learned from recent consumer insights, shopper marketing experiences and desk research. All insights were being questioned and discussed with the marketing team. The workshop, in which we put our brand model approach at work, succeeded to make the team look in a different way at its colourful product portfolio, to redefine the initiating role of the brand, and to nail down the little moments of happiness where HARIBO can be at its best.

Our new brand position and story helped to understand why past creative expressions did not feel entirely right. More importantly HARIBO now has a clear brand vision and solid basis for future creative briefings. But above all, the team overtly had never been so proud to work for the brand.

Our intense collaborations and deep understanding of the company, has also led us to the development of the overarching marketing theme that streamlines actions, and the conception of contagious advertising concepts.

The international HARIBO brand model wasn’t fully suitable for specific contexts in the Benelux countries, and needed more than just some tweaks. We embarked on a journey to refresh an iconic candy brand, while staying true to the global adagio “The Happy World of HARIBO”.

Haribo Brand positioning & brand strategy

“Mad about you made us proud again of our brand.”

Dennis Teeken, CEO HARIBO – The Netherlands and Belgium