The Port for real.

Het Havencentrum is an organization at the heart of the Port of Antwerp. Its updated mission is to inspire scholars and guide them through the vast opportunities offered at the Port of Antwerp. The refreshment called for a solid new visual brand identity.

With a complete design overhaul and a new tagline, we transformed Het Havencentrum into the guide that shares expertise and lets you experience the port of Antwerp in all its aspects. In times of digital communications, the organization offers a valuable alternative: the port for real.

Next, we helped to focus on relevant audiences and tailor the right messages and tools. This resulted in a refreshed communications and marketing platform.

“Our collaboration with Mad about you was highly professional and personal at the same time. It was clear the partners were ‘mad about’ the port centre too.”

Philippe Demoulin, Director

Rebranding & brand marketing and communications platform