Grow with us.

Napoleon is a digital entertainment company. Recently acquired by Waterland, a private equity investment group, the company is evolving at an incredible pace. The steep growth and fast pace were the reason for Napoleon to work on its employer brand, since the company was rather invisible or wrongly perceived as an employer. Being desperately in need for IT professionals, it was time to get the story straight.

Things are happening here

Interviews with employees and an overall company survey soon thought us that this is a vibrant hi-tech organization where people with an entrepreneurial mindset can go a long way. That is, if you can handle the growing pains that come with the fast-changing environment.

Play your best game

This exploration phase resulted in an engaging employer brand story and 3 crystal-clear core company values: ‘say what you do and do what you say’, ‘play your best game’ and ‘we’re in this journey together’. Today, the values are present everywhere in the building and every employee received a goody bag with value branded gadgets, from coffee mug to ‘value’ socks.

To bring across the vibrant atmosphere at Napoleon, we created a hi-paced video that makes your heart beat faster. The sign of ‘Grow with us’ refers both to the promise of career possibilities as to the flexible and entrepreneurial mindset that is needed to make it work.