A colorful employer brand for passionate people

We all know PostNL Belgium, we see them daily in the streets and rely on them to deliver our packages. In the past few years, PostNL has grown at a high speed in Belgium, which meant that the company needed to get the right people on board to keep up with the growing demand of customers and the staffing of new distribution centers. Mad about you was in charge of developing an employer brand to attract and engage the right people for the job.

Visits to various distribution centers, subsidiaries and headquarters were a real eye opener. Delivering a package is far from as simple as it seems. What struck us most, however, was the drive of the people we met, regardless age, function, location or nationality. No surprise that diversity, openness and enthusiasm turned out to be some of the key values that were defined during our PRIDE workshop with management. PostNL Belgium may not be a perfect structured company like mother brand PostNL in the Netherlands, but with the right attitude, you can come a long way.

For the creation of the employer brand campaign, we found numerous employees who volunteered to become the face of the company. And you can take that quite literally: words like ‘eager, passion, challenge, energy’ were painted on their faces, expressing the mindset when working for PostNL. The video testimonials that were taken during the photoshoot brought forward unique stories by unique people who proudly understood the importance of their jobs. One thing is for sure: we will never take the delivery of a package for granted again.