Refreshing our company values

SD Worx is an international HR services company with over 3000 employees worldwide. Over the years, the company has grown exponentially, evolving from a Belgian HR services provider to a European leader. This fast growth, including numerous acquisitions in different countries, called for a reflection on the company’s core values. Being a values driven company, it was the perfect occasion to review and refresh the ‘INSPIRE’ values, that already existed for 18 years.

Soul-searching at the heart of the company

Exploring the company culture and defining the company values can only be done in a credible way if the employees are involved. They are not created in a black box by an agency or in a management office. Therefore, we organized numerous focus groups & brainstorm sessions spread over different countries, as well as a global landing session with the international brand team. It was astonishing to discover how this soul-searching phase brought teams and countries together in a common set of refreshed values.

‘Be a spark’ is the result of this intense internal reflection exercise. With 5 compelling value statements, we now have a strong foundation for the SD Worx company culture on a global scale. To launch these refreshed values, every employee received a culture booklet and we created a series of video compilations, in which employees from various backgrounds and countries explain the value statements. #spreadthespark!