The feelgood brand in urban gardening.

Gardening should be a fundamental right for everyone, not just for those who are blessed with green fingers and lots of space. That’s the philosophy of Urban Banan, a Norwegian startup that specializes in balcony gardening and rooftop terraces in the cities. Not only do they want to make the city a greener and happier place, they also believe that it should take as little effort as possible. That’s why they offer ‘impossible to fail’ packages that match your needs and possibilities. That’s the good news. The bad news? Only available in Norway until further notice.

mad about you really enjoyed working for this happy brand with a twist. We developed an identity that brings forward a real lust for life. The baseline ‘watch me grow’ refers to the fact that you can just ‘sit back & relax’ on your balcony… and watch the magic happen. Enjoy!

Fonts could be plants too

To highlight the funkiness of the Urban Banan brand, we crafted a custom typeface that comes in several weights, just like a family of plants. The font adds an organic feel and gives a punch to the already colorful visual identity.