Brand Strategy, Identity & Engagement

Reflecting Brands

We are a Brand Strategy & Visual Identity agency. We create meaningful brands and help to express their full potential.

We bring clarity and unity
We help companies grow with solid brand strategies that bring clarity and unity. We bring your brand to life through identity, design and culture.

We deliver pride
We believe that genuine brands help people to express themselves. Through compelling stories that drive action, we bring the human side of brands into the lives of their audiences.

We enable confidence
Our solid brand strategies help companies to align decisions with confidence across departments. Brand oriented companies are proven to more profitable.

“BASE Company is the kind of company that puts things sharp, and that's exactly what the May-team did with our new brand.”Sofie Bockaert, Head of Corporate Communications

“Thank you and well done with our new brand! As you could hopefully tell from the reaction of the Spring team from across the world, everyone loved it!”Mark Eldridge, Director Sales & Marketing

“Thanks for helping us to get our Telenet Corporate Story crisp & clear. Always a pleasure!Marco Van Riel, ‎Director Internal Branding

It’s a great feeling to bring out a clear, solid story.” Christophe Leleux, Managing Partner

What Mad about you did for our support organisation is just mind-blowing.” Renee van Zandvoort, Founder

“Bij zijn we zo enthousiast dat we te veel verhalen willen vertellen. Mad About You hielp ons om naar de kern van ons verhaal te gaan. Hun aanpak – met zachte hand als het kan en streng als het moet – werkte echt voor ons! ” Barbara Janssens, Corporate Communication Director